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Bandit and Rion both went to the Bad Place on Saturday. Bandit’s white areas are no longer dingy and Rion’s coat is no longer a magnet for burrs and other debris.

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First Daylily

Usually, the first daylily that blooms is a little misshapen, but this one turned out well.

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Across the Road

Although we see them fairly frequently in another part of our valley, it is rare to see elk across the road from our house.

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Hummer in the Snow

During the spring snowstorms yesterday, the hummingbirds seemed particularly appreciative of our feeders.

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Lily 1997-2017

Years ago, Lily was diagnosed with ulcers, which would cause colic like episodes. The episodes seemed to be coming more frequently as she grew older, despite daily medication. This morning she was down when I went out to let the horses into the south field to eat grass. She got up to go in the new field and lay down again. She went up and down continually for the next hour. Although she had been up for a while when the vet got here, Lily had a heart rate of sixty, indicating that she still in pain. We had already decided that we could not afford to treat another full blown attack, so we asked for her to be put down.

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This is Rion’s crate. Both dogs have crates in the bedroom, but neither dog goes into Bandit’s crate during the day. This is only the second time that I’ve seen Rion and Bandit share a crate, and I was astonished that they stayed put long enough for me to take the photo. Usually, Rion forces Bandit out of the crate by staring until Bandit leaves, but I suppose that strategy didn’t work yesterday.

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Rooftop Snow

We are currently getting some snow. Since it is wet and soggy, it is curling off the roof in this photo.

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Signs of Spring


With the recent precipitation, our south pasture (aka as the “new field” these twenty years) has enough green stuff that I let the horses out on it for two hours for the first time since last fall. With his age (thirty-two) and chronic conditions, I expect Rags’ next non-routine vet call to be his last, so I was amused when he managed a few crow hops to celebrate being let out to graze. He even achieved a little altitude, though not as much as Lily.

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From the road, I could see this abandoned structure in Cibola National Forest in a valley below the road. I found a path from a parking pull-off and was able to reach the ruin with an easy walk. The house contained one main room and two small rooms. A stone wall enclosed the area.

There was no marker indicating its age, but I did notice that the windows had a strip of iron or steel across the top. I cautiously explored the inside as there was no building debris or trash. The stone shell looked quite stable.

I was baffled by the stone wall. It looked like a lot of work for not much protection.

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Two Views of Sandia Crest Mountain

I thought it was nice for the sky to cooperate with fluffy white clouds while I was taking photos of Sandia Crest Mountain in Cibola National Forest. This view is to the south of where I was standing.

This view was to the north of where I was standing.

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